Friday, April 9, 2010


1. Find a photo of an object that is at least 1000 x 1000 pixels. You want a PHOTOGRAPH of an OBJECT, rather than a photo of a person or an existing illustration, for at least two reasons. A. There will be more geometric shapes in an object, which will be easier for you to draw with your skill level with the pen tool. B. When completed, if you start with a photo, your own drawing style will come through, rather than duplicating someone else's artwork.

2. Open the image in Photoshop.

3. Use pen tool to trace all details of the object. Save as separate paths.

4. Get all the intricacies of the object--the more paths you have, the more info is there, the cooler your end result will be.

5. After your paths are ready, we will export them to Illustrator and ink them.
File > Export > Paths to Illustrator.
Make sure "ALL PATHS" is selected in the drop down menu in the Save options.
Save file.
Open the Illustrator file.
Select > All
Hit default Fill/Stroke option.
Load default CMYK swatches. (Window>Swatches>Hit the down arrow in the top right corner of the panel to open the swatches menu. Go to Open Swatch Library > Default Swatches > Basic CMYK)
Save file.

6. Read and exectue the tutorials pages 1-8 thru 1-35 in Adobe Illustrator CS3 REVEALED. It is a required assignment and will create the understandings needed to better finish your illustration.

Define these vocabulary terms:
1. Artboard
2. Scratch area
3. Panels
4. Vector graphics
5. Anchor point
6. Line segment
7. Path
8. Resolution independent

State, in your own words, what these tools do:
(These are not vocab words you can look up, but you will work with the tools while you do the tutorial)
1. Fill
2. Stroke
3. Group
4. Scale
5. Rotate
6. Reflect