Friday, April 23, 2010


Check out this website for some examples of dingbat portraits:

***Make sure you have completed and turned in pages 3-18/3-35 and 3-36/3-51 in your Illustrator textbook before beginning this assignment.***

1. Take a picture of yourself using the Photo Booth application on the Macs.
2. Save the photo in your server folder.
3. Start a new Illustrator document. Letter sized, Portrait orientation.
4. Place guides .25" around the outside of your document, so you remember your print margins.
5. Go to File > Place. PLACE your photo file into the Illustrator document.
6. Experiment with the SCALE tool in Illustrator until your portrait fills the PICTURE PLANE of your document.
7. Make sure the photo is selected. Go to WINDOW > TRANSPARENCY. Dim your photo to about 50%
8. Name your layer with the picture in it TEMPLATE.
9. Select your picture and apply the CUTOUT FILTER to your picture. (Effect > Photoshop Effects > Artistic > Cutout.) Adjust the settings until you get the desired effect. You can tweak the effect after the filter is applied by selecting the picture and double clicking on 'cutout' in the Appearance panel. (Window > Appearance)
10. Create a rectangle the same size as your artboard. Select the rectangle and your photo and apply a CLIPPING MASK to the picture to hide the parts of it that go off the artboard into the scratch area. (Object > Clipping Mask > Make) Learn more on pages 4-30 thru 4-35 of your Ai book.
11. LOCK the TEMPLATE layer.
12. Start a new layer called PATHS or DRAWINGS or anything other than LAYER 2.
13. When done, poke TEMPLATE layer in eye and just print your PATHS. Verify there are 4 clear areas of value.
14. If good, proceed to downloading dingbat fonts that represent you in some school appropriate manner.