Thursday, September 17, 2009

Your task is to create a movie poster. The poster must be made in the style of a real movie theater poster. The movie represented in your poster must be of your own creation. Do not make a poster for an existing movie.


GOAL: To inform people about and convince them to see the movie.

AUDIENCE: PG-13 moviegoers.

EXISTING SAMPLES: Look at a bunch of action movie posters. Try to identify the point of emphasis, and the secondary/tertiary accents in the VISUAL HIERARCHY of the design. Think about how you will achieve this in your design.

1. 11 x 17 inches @ 150 Dpi.

2. Clear VISUAL HIERARCHY. (There should be a point of emphasis, and secondary/tertiary accents.

3. Use at least TWO tools from each category of the Photoshop painting and selection tools listed on the assignment sheet.

4. Your poster must incorporate a minimum of 5 separate images that have been worked into a cohesive image in Photoshop. You must include a movie title and other relevant movie text information.

5. Images must be public domain, creative commons licensed, or under your copyright, or copyright that someone has authorized for your use. Here are some good links for acceptable images:

6. You MUST include a bibliography of your image sources with your final design. Keep track of the websites you are getting images from by pasting links into a Word document.

7. Each person in class must produce their own poster. People may work in groups to come up with an action movie concept and title, and work together to find a nice collection of source images, but each person in the group must produce their own poster.