Monday, September 28, 2009


A lenticular composition consists of two separate images spliced together. The viewer will see a different image when looking at it from one angle than they will from the other. Check out how lenticulars are made at:

So...The key to having a really cool lenticular image is having it feature two related, yet CONTRASTING images. An easy example of this is having it be about a life/death theme. In other words, showing an item in one state, then its destruction or transformation. Like cocoon to butterfly, or summer to winter, etc.

Your lenticular image can involve any school appropriate subject matter, so long as the conditions of CONTRAST are clear.

1. BRAINSTORM: Select five themes your lenticular could feature.
2. SKETCH: Pick at least two of your themes to develop sketches of.
3. PRESENT: Show your sketches to me and explain your ideas. You must receive my approval before you begin working on the final project.