Monday, May 18, 2009


1. You must get your SCRIPT/COPY and STORYBOARD approved before you can begin filming. Themes must be school appropriate. If anything is not done to criteria, it will be given back to you for revision.

2. Each subgroup (people assigned to work on a single problem) is responsible for the following items:

A. SCRIPT: Must be typed and properly formatted (includes all speaking parts, location descriptions, camera shots, and stage directions.)

B. COPY: The copy is the script, altered for use in the workbook. It must also be typed. The procedure for solving the problem should be clearly described while using the theme from the script.

C. STORYBOARD: Scene storyboard should consist of at least eighteen panels. This is a minimum of three storyboard worksheets per subgroup. A minimum of four different camera angles should be featured in your storyboard. See the sheet for details.