Thursday, November 20, 2008

Connect the Dots!

1. Open a new, Letter sized Illustrator document.
2. Go to View>Show Grid and View>(uncheck)Lock Guides.
3. Activate your rulers (Ctrl+R) and set the vertical guide X coordinate to 4.25 inches and the horizontal Y coordinate to -5.5 inches.
4. Set the ruler 0/0 mark to the center of the page, where your guides intersect.
5. Find a radtacular JPEG image on the Internet. (Minimum 1000 x 1000 pixels)
6. Place that radtacular image on a new layer in your Illustrator document.
7. Go to Window>Transparency and drop the opacity of the image to 50%.
8. Lock that layer.
9. Start a new layer and begin making dots with the brush tool. Make sure to deselect each dot before starting a new one.
10. Use the type tool to number your dots on a new layer.
11. Save a copy of this in the ConnectTheDots folder in the StuDrop Art Technology Folder.