Thursday, September 25, 2008

Homework--9/25/08--Inspiration File
Chances are you have been mesmerized by the bizarre array of things I have hanging in my classroom. I have everything from a rubber chicken to what appears to be a drawing of David Hasselhoff standing on a planet with a spaceship growing out of his back! WHY? You probably have asked. It is part of what most every creative professional has some form of: An INSPIRATION FILE! What Inspiration Files do is HELP YOU FUEL YOUR CREATIVITY.

We are going to build a collective Inspiration File for the class to use.
To make it happen, you need to bring in
AT LEAST FIVE items that you think are cool and would be good to photograph or scan. You will pick and choose items from this collection as the basis for one of your independent 5x5 projects.

Items must be school appropriate and brought to class Friday, September 26.