Thursday, September 18, 2008


1. Don't settle for YES or NO as an answer...Curiosita focuses on knowing WHY!
2. The more you know, the freer you are.
3. Great Minds Ask Great Questions!

WHAT ARE YOU CURIOUS ABOUT? (Homework Assignment)
On page 59 of How to Think Like Leonardo DaVinci, there is an activity called "A Hundred Questions". We are going to shorten that to "Fifty Questions". Make a list of fifty questions that are important to you. It can be anything from Where do I want to go to college? to Would I rather be stranded on a desert island with Chad Michael Murray or Zac Efron?

Just rattle off a list of the first fifty questions that come to mind in your notebook.
The first ten or fifteen will be pretty random, but after that, themes will begin to emerge.
When you are done, read through the list and highlight any questions that appear to be a theme.
What are the majority of your questions about?