Thursday, May 15, 2008

Study Guide: Design and Layout Unit Test

  • Review all Mini Quizzes and activities from Chapters 1-9. (Chapters 10 & 11 are on the final.)
  • Be able to identify and discuss the 5 Types of Repetition from Chapter 6. (REFER TO THE HANDOUT I GAVE YOU THE OTHER DAY!! p.126-127)
  • Know the techniques to enhance Verbal Flow from Chapter 7. (Refer to the handout/also listed on pages 151-152 if you misplaced your handout)
  • Be able to identify and discuss the basic and advanced types of text alignment from Chapter 5. (Refer to Pages 101-102)
  • Review the Layout Notes for Creating Thumbnails handout. (On the backside of the Identity System Unit Overview sheet AND the Business Card Thumbnails sheet.
Test Format:
  • 26 True-False Questions
  • 16 Multiple Choice Questions
  • 8 Fill In The Blank Questions
  • One (1) Essay Question worth 10 Points: Naming 5 Changes you could make to improve a layout & discussing how the changes would improve it.