Monday, March 31, 2008

Work priorities 03/31:
Today is the last in-class day to work on your +/- designs. We will critique them in class on Thursday. If you do not finish today, you must arrange time to come in before or after class Tuesday and Wednesday.

1. Finish and Mount your Positive/Negative designs.
While there is no set formula this time, you should mount them in such a manner that the board grain is vertical, there is a 2-inch border around the outside of your designs, and a 1/2 inch gap between designs. If you deviate from this, grain should still be correct and spacing should be straight and evenly distributed.

2. Do your writing for the +/- problem.
Use complete setences, paragraph format, and SPELL/GRAMMAR check.
Include the required Design Components.

3. Make a magnet and/or experiment with Desaturate & Recolor.

4. Help others having trouble finishing the project.

5. Explore the Hott Linkkz and learn about an artist or teach yourself something new.

6. Make the April calendar for us. Select the photo theme, etc.