Friday, March 28, 2008

Finishing Your +/- Designs:

1. Fill your paths with black and white on the original.
2. Do your pixel math: End pixel dimensions must be equal to or less than the original, even though you are most likely DOUBLING the resolution.
3. Flatten your image. SAVE AS yourdoc_flat.psd
4. Crop the image two times. Each image must be at least four inches on the height or width.
5. Select one to invert.
6. Select one to color.
7. Print your designs. Drag all of them into either a LETTER or LEGAL sized document that has 1/2 inch guides set up all around. Place strokes around the outside before dragging for easier cutting.

8. Mount your designs.
9. Experiment with desaturating and re-coloring or making magnets if you have extra time.