Wednesday, March 5, 2008

AM/Art Technology:

Continue work on your Jack + Jill project. I think you should be able to have all six panels finished by the end of today. That is the goal. The sub will record the number you finish today. Give them a reason why you don't have all six ready if you don't meet the goal. Remember to incorporate at least three techniques from the Composition Slideshow. Refer to your notes.

If you stay on track today we will be ready to explore layer styles and color tomorrow and Friday. +/^ with a friend if you have time or get stuck.

PM/Independent Study:

Begin working on new projects, even if you do not have my approval.

Remember the first step to any project is a Proposal and Contract.

If there are students with checkpoints marked on the calendar for yesterday or today, the sub should step through the checkpoint with them. A few students have due dates today. Mount and turn your projects + rubrics in today.

If anyone needs the images for the Paul Foster project, they are in that huge medical tote behind my desk. Sam was scanning these in last I knew. Feel free to visit Mrs Foster if you need guidance.