Friday, December 21, 2007

Test Review Design Challenge

Chapter 1:
  • Name two of the following Design Components and where we can see it (emphasis, balance, flow, contrast, alignment, repetition).
  • What page format have you used and why?
Chapter 2/Emphasis:
  • What is the Visual Hierarchy in your design?
  • Is your design formal or casual? How will this appeal to your target market?
Chapter 3/Contrast:
  • Name two of the following types of contrast & where we can see it in your design. (texture, color, size, weight, type)
Chapter 4/Balance:
  • What type of balance (symmetrical, asymmetrical, radial) does your design have? Why?
  • What has the most visual weight in your design and why?
Chapter 5/Alignment:
  • What type(s) of alignment (left, right, centered, justified, concrete) have you used/why?
Chapter 6/Repetition:
  • Name two types of repetition you have used and where it can be seen. (proximity, closure, continuation, similarity, figure/ground relationship)
Chapter 7/Flow:
  • Name three types of flow suggestions listed on pages 151-152 that can be seen in your design. Why'd you set it up that way?
Chapter 8/Images:
  • What types of image did you use and why? (illustrations, cropping, flopping, filtering, clip art, photos)
Chapter 9/Color:
  • Work in RGB. Save doc. Flatten, Convert to CMYK, save as a JPEG and Print.