Sunday, January 6, 2008

Important Dates of the Not So Distant Future
There are but three weeks left in the term, and a lot happening during this time.
A handy guide to knowing the necessary.

Something else to keep in mind: We are on a tight schedule these next few weeks. You might need to work outside class. If you don't have Photoshop at home, you can download the free 30-day trial of Photoshop CS3 at:
I can save your files to a disk or flash drive if needed.

Week of Jan 7-11
Monday 1/7:
Guest speaker from The Art Institutes. Work on study guide.
HOMEWORK: Study Chapters 1-9 Mini Quizzes.
Tuesday 1/8: Work on Test Review Design Challenge.
HOMEWORK: Study Chapters 1-9 Mini Quizzes.
Wednesday 1/9:
TEST--Chapters 1-9.
Collect: Chapters 7-9 worksheets and Test Review Design Challenge
Intro Self Promotional Project. Finish/Print/Mount ID System.
Thursday 1/10:
Finish/Print/Mount ID System. Work on Self Promo.
Friday 1/11: Critique Identity System. Work on Self Promo.
HOMEWORK: Finish crit writing. DUE MONDAY 1/14

Week of January 14-18:
Work on the Self Promotional Project will continue.
We will read and do exercises on typography and layout (in preparation for the FINAL!)
Yes, this includes watching the WORLD OF LETTERFORMS VIDEO!
You should study any material covered in class as homework.

Week of January 21-25:
Tuesday 1/22:
Self Promotional Project work time.
HOMEWORK: Study for the Layout and Typography test.
Wednesday 1/23: In class review for L&T Test.
DUE: Self Promotional Project. DEADLINE: 2:55 PM

Thursday 1/24:
FINAL TEST: Layout and Typography. Studio clean up.
Friday 1/25:

Monday 1/28: School is not in session, but I will be at STEP.
If arranged ahead of time, you can finish missing work.