Monday, December 17, 2007

How To Do Your Envelope

1. Take the graphics you want for your envelope and convert it into a JPEG or TIFF.
2. Don't worry about the text. You're going to retype it in Illustrator.

3. Open the document in the ID SYSTEM folder in the Art Technology folder in the Shared part of the server. (Student on STEP Novell G://>Shared>Art Technology>ID SYSTEM>

4. Save the document as yourname_envelope in your Novell folder.

5. You should be in Illustrator now. Turn off the text layer that tells you how to use the template.

6. Start a new layer. Import your image by using File>Place. Drag graphic to desired location.

7. Start another layer. Create a text box and retype your name and mailing address.

8. Save your file. You should have done this a few times before now.

9. Go to File>Print. Select "Envelope #10" in the Media window of the Print Menu.

10. (In Theory) Print & Enjoy! I have tried it and it worked well.

11. If #10 doesn't work, Troubleshoot & repeat! Welcome to the world of project printing.