Monday, October 20, 2014


1. Select a magazine advertisement, from the magazines provided in class. Cut it out and tape or glue it to the paper provided in class.
2. Identify its GOAL and AUDIENCE. (What are they trying to do, and who are they trying to reach?)
3. Identify the point of EMPHASIS in the ad. Clearly mark it on your layout.
4.  Identify a SECONDARY ACCENT and a TERTIARY ACCENT.  Clearly mark them on your layout.
5. Name two techniques for effective emphasis listed on pages 27,28 and 29 your text that are used in the ad. Clearly mark them on your layout. 
6. Do you think the ad is effectively reaching the demographic (audience) they hope to target? Explain why or why not in 1-2 sentences on your paper.

7.  Share your analysis with a classmate.