Thursday, October 2, 2014


1.If you are working on your lenticular, you can finish on Monday.  Do the activities listed below instead.
2.Open the “Fake Shadow” folder in Hand-Out.  Watch
       “Quick Mask.swf”, then “Fake Shadow.mp4.  Practice using the pictures of the horse.  Apply the fake shadow technique to a different photo of your choice.  Save as a JPEG and put in Hand-IN.

3.Open the “Filters Assignment” folder in Hand-Out.  Watch
       “Layers and Filters.mp4”.  Create a filter sampler of your own.  Make sure to keep track of your filter settings on a piece of paper because you have to type them onto the document.  You can't look it up after you apply the filter.  Save as a JPEG and put in Hand-IN.