Friday, May 30, 2014


1.  3-D Image:  See me for directions sheet and 3-D glasses.  More examples in the Hand-Out folder.

2.  Animated .gif:  See me for directions sheet.

3. Lenticular Image (Like the display across from the main office.)
*You might do this as a required assignment in another Digital Media course in the future.  #beware
Show the same object in two different states (My cat as a Muppet and as a Lion)
Show a pair of objects (Hall & Oates)
Show a set of opposites (Day & Night, Good & Evil, Man & Woman, etc.)

4. Photo Cube 6 Theme Based Images = 1 Rockin objet d'art!
Your Choice: Six of Your Own Altered Photos
Your Favorite Song in Six School Appropriate Panels