Tuesday, November 5, 2013


1. Layout, Print, Mat Lenticular Image
A. Set up a Photoshop document that is:
     Width: 14 inches
     Height: 8.5 inches
     Resolution:  300 dpi.
B. Place vertical guides at 1/2 inch intervals all across the document. Place horizontal guides at 1 inch and 7.5 inches.
C. Take your images and go to Layer > Flatten image. Then File > Save as, pick JPEG. Then place vertical guides at 1/2 inch intervals all across your images.
D. Use the guides to help you make clean selections of your images to splice together inside the 14 x 8.5 document. Make sure View > Snap To > Guides is checked. See http://photojojo.com/content/diy/how-to-make-lenticular-images/ for the splicing method.
E. Select all your layers by holding the SHIFT key as you click on them. Go to Layer > Align > Top Edges.
E. Save your Photoshop Document.
F. Flatten your Photoshop document. Save it as a Photoshop PDF.
G. Print and attend a matting demo.