Monday, November 11, 2013


Desaturate and Recolor Composition

1. Start a Photoshop document measuring 8.5 x 11 @ 150 dpi

2. Develop a composition of your choice, that features the following criteria:
• A minimum of 5 instances of de-saturation and re-coloring. Use both the color replacement tool and the full desaturate/recolor method. Also include instances of solid color, gradient, pattern and clipping mask.
• Your de-saturation and re-coloring must follow one of these color schemes: monochromatic, complementary, analogous (analogic), split complement, triad, tetrad, accented analogic. Check out the color notes on our Tumblr page!  This page has great info about color harmonies too!  Try the Color Scheme Designer here!

3. Save your composition as a JPEG with your name and the word recolor in the file title.  (Mine would be kelywakelyrecolor.jpg)

4.  Put the JPEG file in the Drop Box.

5.  Do the write up:
A.  Explain what type of color scheme you applied to your composition.
B.  Identify the items you recolored with a SOLID COLOR, using the color replacement tool.
C.  Identify the items you recolored with a SOLID COLOR, using the full desaturate and recolor method.
D.  Identify the items you recolored with a GRADIENT.
E.  Identify the items you recolored with a PATTERN.
F.  Identify the items you recolored with a CLIPPING MASK.
G.  Which blend modes did you use the most when recoloring?
H.  Name something that was easy or difficult about the recoloring.
I.  What advice would you give to someone else doing the same assignment?

6.  Attach the write-up to the self assessment and turn in.