Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Art Technology 1:
Agenda for 4/6:
1. Work on the brushes, pattern, effects and filters assignment. Make sure to write what tools were used and where they can be seen on the back of your printout before turning in. If you were absent 4/5, watch the tutorials in the ‘LayerBrushTools’ folder in the Lecture Videos folder on the Shared server. You will also want to look at the lecture files in the ‘brushes_color_pattern_effects’ folder on the Shared server.
2. Finish and turn in any missing work listed on your progress report.

Agenda for 4/7:
3. Read Chapters 3 and 4 in Basics of Design and do the worksheets for those chapters.
4. Do the Balance and Contrast Ad Analysis:
A. Find an ad that uses ASYMMETRICAL balance, or one that uses SYMMETRICAL balance.
B. Place the ad on a sheet of drawing paper.
C. Identify the GOAL of the ad. (What is the ad trying to do?)
D. Identify the AUDIENCE of the ad. (Who is the ad trying to reach? Describe the demographic as specifically as you can.)
E. Identify the type of BALANCE in your ad--symmetrical or asymmetrical. Clearly mark it on your layout.
F. List one way the use of BALANCE in the ad works to create EMPHASIS in each ad. Refer to the techniques for effective emphasis listed on pages 27,28 and 29 in Basics of Design if you need help.
G. List one type of CONTRAST used in each ad. Refer to the techniques listed on page 44 of Basics of Design if you need help.
H. Do you think the ad is effectively reaching the demographic they hope to target? Explain why or why not in 1-2 sentences.

Period 3 STEP Plus Arts:
1. Continue working on and finish your stop motion animation movies.
2. If your group finish your movie, bounce the file to .mov format and turn into the ‘Stop Motion .mov Files’ folder inside STEP Plus Arts on the Drop server.
3. Use remaining time to either create another stop motion film or make DVD packaging or a poster for your movie.

Period 4-5 Art Technology 2:
1. Work on the Independent Project you committed to. The sub will let me know if you do not look occupied Wednesday; you will have PLENTY to do that will be less fun if you don't follow through with what you committed to.