Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Design Challenge:
Create a logo, business card, letterhead and envelope (aka identity system) for one of the following:
• Yourself
• Your own client
• STEP Radio
• Ms. Richie (STEP Career Center)

Step 1/The Concept Board:
• Begin by creating a concept board to guide your creative vision. A concept board is a collection of elements that provides the overall impression of the look/feel of your final logo and identity system. Check out the samples on the bulletin board.
It should contain the following elements:
1. The title of your concept: It may be one word or a phrase placed at the top of your board.
2. A minimum of five (5) adjectives that describe you or the client organization,
3. A minimum of ten (10) images that visually represent the adjectives you selected.
4. A minimum of three (3) fonts that complement/support your concept. Learn about this by reading Chapters 10 + 11 in Basics of Design and from the notes on our tumblr page.
* 3 fonts = 1 serif, 1 sans serif and 1 decorative or script font.
* Include the fonts by typing your adjectives with them.
5. A minimum of three (3) colors other than white that reflect your concept. You must apply a color harmony listed on our tumblr page

• Concept board can be assembled using the following methods:
1. Print out images from the Internet and cut images out of the stock catalogs, and collage them together with your title, colors and words on the board provided.
2. Organize your images, title, colors and words in a legal size (8.5 x 14) Photoshop or Illustrator document.