Monday, December 14, 2009


Now that you have developed a CONCEPT BOARD to form a solid idea base for your logo, it is time to combine the ideas from that into some possible logos--these possible logos are called COMPS. You will develop a minimum of two COMPS in a single Illustrator document. The comps are due by the end of the period on Wednesday, December 16. You will use feedback from peer editing to refine your comps and develop the final logo.

Each comp must meet the following criteria:
1. Must represent a minimum of three items featured in your concept board: (Title, supporting adjectives, images, fonts or colors.)
2. Must clearly exhibit at least three of the following DESIGN ELEMENTS: Directional line, Geometric shapes, Asymmetrical/symmetrical/radial balance, contrast, emphasis, scale.
3. Must be created in Adobe Illustrator.
4. Must feature at least two of the following Illustrator tools/techniques: Type on a Path, Live Trace/Live Paint, Transform tool (rotate, reflect or shear), Offset Paths or Compound Paths, Pathfinder tool, Clipping Mask, Calligraphic Brush, Art Brush).