Friday, December 18, 2009


1. Comp Peer Review:
You may need to reduce or skip this step to keep on track to meet the deadline. This is worth much less points than the finished logo and identity system--it may be worth taking a point reduction to stay on schedule.
A. Perhaps just show one comp to peers.
B. Or just do a self-review.
C. Or have only one other peer review your comp(s).
D. Or submit a summary of how your idea evolved without the peer review per se.

2. Logo:
It had been originally stated it would be required to do the logo in full color and black and white. Do the full color one first. Apply that to your identity system. Go back and rework the logo to black and white for extra credit.

3. Business Card:
It is only required that you design a single business card. I normally have students complete an 8-up layout for more InDesign experience. The 8-up layout can be done for extra credit--I will demo this on Monday, can give you the directions today if you want to try on your own. Find the directions HERE


The write-up for this assignment can be found at: STEP STU SHARE > Art Technology > Logo_Identity System > Logo_ID_WriteUp.doc