Thursday, November 19, 2009

Invitation Printing Prep

1. Prepare your InDesign file.
2. Hide the "Back" layer.
3. File>Export>lastname_inviteFRONT.pdf
4. Hide the "Front" layer.
5. File>Export>lastname_inviteBACK.pdf
6. Put both PDFs in a folder titled lastname_invite
7. Put folder in the Event Invitiation folder on STEPstudrop

Invitation Write-Up
1. What is your event theme? Where did you get the idea? Is this an invite you could actually use?

2. Which typefaces did you use for the headline and body copy?
What categories of type do they fall into? (Serif, sans serif, decorative, script)

3. Did you make any type adjustments? (leading, kerning, tracking, vertical scale, horizontal scale) Where can they be seen?

4. What type alignment scheme(s) did you use? (flush left, flush right, centered, justified, asymmetric, concrete) Where can they be seen?

5. What do you like best about your invitation?