Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Final bus documents should be 6x4.25 inches at 300 dpi
Desaturate and Recolor: _____/20 Points
_____/ 10 points: Path on bus includes only items to be recolored and excludes items that should retain original color. Paths exclude areas such as the bus body, roof, hubcaps, headlights, taillights etc.
_____/ 10 points: Desaturated and recolored layers look realistic, and not superimposed.

Graphics: _____/20 Points

_____/ 10 points: A graphic from another source is applied to the bus.
Graphic appears to be a natural part of the bus paint, and not superimposed.
_____/ 10 points: Original photo background is no longer visible. Bus is in new environment.

Write-Up: _____/10 Points
1. Describe the steps you took to recolor the buses, add graphics and place them in a new environment.
2. How does the new environment relate to/enhance your bus designs?
3. Name what you feel is the most successful aspect of the work.
4. State one thing you would do differently if given the opportunity.

Paste your written response into a Photoshop document with your buses and turn in.
When finished, begin developing possible themes for your event invitation.
Develop HEADLINE and BODY COPY for invite. Review p. 8-11 in Basics of Design for tips on effective copywriting.
Select typefaces. Come up with three combinations in Illustrator. Save all in one Ai document. Review p. 242-248 for tips on combining type.
Each combo should represent two categories of type. (Serif, sans serif, decorative, script.)
Print and present to instructor.