Tuesday, October 13, 2009


1. Once you PLACE the portrait into your Illustrator document, make sure to put .25 inch guides around the outer portion of your project. Keeps you from having part of your portrait cut off when printing.

2. If you are having trouble identifying the main VALUE areas, select your picture and apply the CUTOUT FILTER to your picture. Problem solved.

3. You can hide the excess part of your image by applying a CLIPPING MASK to it. Learn more on pages 4-30 thru 4-35 of your Ai book

4. MAKE SURE TO LOCK THE TEMPLATE LAYER and start drawing on a different layer.

5. Keep each value on a separate layer.

6. Convert dingbats to outlines when sure you are done editing them. (Select items, go to TYPE>CREATE OUTLINES

7. Select a HUE for your MONOCHROMATIC color scheme.

8. Apply that HUE swatch to your dingbats.

9. Select all dingbats for any given shape, and the shape. Make sure the shape is the TOP OBJECT. (Object>Arrange>Bring to Front)

10. Apply the CLIPPING MASK. (Object>Clipping Mask>Make)

11. Adjust the VALUE of your shape by selecting the object and changing its TRANSPARENCY. (Window>Transparency)

12. Print your portrait when ready AND put a copy of the Illustrator file into the DROPBOX.

13. Do write-up in the SHARED Art Technology folder.

14. Mount the portrait on railroad board.