Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Here's your agenda for the day:
1. Finish and mat dingbat portrait, do write up and submit these with the rubric to the basket. More 2 sided tape is in the left hand cupboard by the PCs. If mat board runs out, just be ready to mat it when I get back.
2. Review Typenotes.ai in Stepstushare>Art Technology>Type Project>typenotes.ai if you were absent yesterday.
3. Read chapters 10 & 11 in Basics of Design. Do the Mini quizzes provided.
4. Complete Chapter 2 Illustrator vocab and tutorials. Print tutorial with name on it when done.
5. If you finish the Basics and Illustrator assignments, do not hand them in. Save them in your binder.
6. Work on something for another class or see the sub for a different activity.
7. If you had arranged to make up the test today, you can do it during class tomorrow. Be ready.