Friday, April 17, 2009

Independent Study 4/17/09

1. Pick up your journals from the table. Fix them if incomplete. Leave them in the same location at the end of the day if you are re-submitting them. I did not receive assignments from Cody or Jerry and Will was absent yesterday. Flag the Tuesday and Thursday pages and turn in today!

Chemicals make me nervous. I want to be here. End of story.

3. In the meantime, work on current projects, Q4 project ideas, criteria, etc. Be ready to go over it with me on Monday! You can also knock your next week journal assignments out of the way.

4. You can still have a long break today BUT YOU CANNOT TAKE IT AT THE END OF CLASS. The cafeteria closes at 1:00 on Fridays anyway. If you want to go there, go at like 12:25. THE SUB CANNOT DISMISS YOU FROM THE COMMONS. End of story.

4. Yep, the new printer is here. But it is not up and running yet. To touch is to die!