Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Chapter 3 Photoshop Tutorials:

You will use a variety of tools in Chapter 3.
They include:
1. Selection(marquees, lassos, magic wand, color range),
2. Sampling (healing/spot healing brush, and layer masks) and
3. Organizational (guides, snap and x/y coordinates)

The tutorials involve assembling a sewing box and retouching a photo.

1. Do not use the Quick Selection tool on page 3-15.
Select the background with the magic wand and invert your selection instead.

2. For the activity on Page 3-26, you can choose to work with the elderly lady on the tutorial page OR follow the same steps and work with this ACNE VICTIM

Be sure to attach a printed copy of your Chapters 2 and 3 lessons to your vocabulary sheets and turn them in to the basket by the end of class today.