Thursday, March 27, 2014

INTRO TO TECH: Career Exploration Brochure/Poster Assignment

TIP:  Use Google drive to do this assignment so you don't lose it. Click on Students, then click on Student Email
You can also use the template I've shared here:
1.  Take the Career Skills Assessment.
2.  Print the results of your Career Skills Assessment

3.  Look at your results.  Identify at least 3 careers you would be interested in learning more about.

4.  Use the iSeek website to search for information about the careers you selected.  You can use the search bar located on this page of the iSeek website:

5.  Give two reasons why you think each career is interesting.

6.  List the average wage for each occupation.

7.  List the type of education required for each career.

8.  List a college you could go to for it.

9.  List at least two high school courses it would be helpful for you to take.

10.  Once you complete this research, state which career you would be most interested in making a brochure about and give three reasons for your choice.

1.  Let teacher know if you plan to make a poster or a brochure.

2.  Begin additional research about career.  Here is a list of required information:

·       Name of career
·       Why it’s interesting
·       Average Wage
·       Education Required
·       3 colleges you can go for training in that career
·       The kind of degree that can be earned at each college.
·       3 most important work activities of job
·       3 job title examples
·       2 most important working conditions or physical demands
·     3 additional facts about the career or career field.
·       Shows 5+ pictures related to the job
·       Career Information comes from at least 4 sources.
·       Sources will be cited using MLA format.

Here are some good career information websites: