Monday, February 3, 2014

Digital Photo: 35 Questions Collage

1.  Finish your 35 Questions Collage and do the write up.  Criteria and questions listed below:

2.  Save your file as a JPEG.
     Click FILE > SAVE AS
     Name your file: yourfirstnameyourlastname35questions
     Pick JPEG in the FORMAT menu.
     Hit SAVE
     Click OK.

3.  Submit your JPEG file for printing:
     Single click on the HAND IN folder at the bottom of your dock.
     Double click on the DROP BOX folder to open it.
     Drag and drop your JPEG file into the drop box.
     Click OK.
     You can't see files in the drop box on your computer but you can check with me to see if your file made it in to the drop box.