Sunday, January 5, 2014

Intro to Tech: Travel Website Project

I bet you have cabin fever right now.  Me too!  I thought a nice way for us to beat the winter blues AND get some new tech skills would be to create travel websites for destinations around the world.

We will use Google Sites to create our websites and get some more experience using the research tools we have used this semester as well.  Our project will be divided into the following steps:
1.  Analyze Travel Websites worksheet:  Before we start, we will look at existing travel sites.
2.  Picking a destination:  The goal is to have every student doing a different destination.  You will pick 5 choices and be assigned one of them.
3.  Website Research:  Gathering info from credible sources to post on your site.  Due Thursday 1/9.
4.  Google Sites Intro:  Learn the tools you will use in Google Sites to create your website.
5.  Final Website Design/Layout:  Putting it all together.  Due Tuesday 1/14.
6.  Presenting Travel sites on Thursday, 1/16.

Here is a sample site (unfinished) that I am working on: