Tuesday, May 24, 2011


A. Write Up: Answer the following questions, in the format of a paragraph. Use the Spell and Grammar check functions. Print and turn in.

1. What is the subject matter of your poster? Why did you choose it?

2. You were required to use at least two different typefaces representing two different categories of type. What typefaces (fonts) did you use in your design? What categories (serif, sans serif, decorative, script) do they represent?

3. You were required to use at least two of the following type adjustments: Leading, Kerning, Tracking, Vertical Scale, Horizontal Scale. Name which type adjustments you made to your design and state where they can be seen.

4. You were required to use at least two of the following type tools/techniques: Area Type Tool / Type on a Path Tool / Vertical Type Tool / Adding Gradient to Text / Overlapping Objects / Creating a Drop Shadow via Copy & Paste in Back. Name which type tools you used in your design and state where they can be seen.

5. You were required to research and implement at least three of the Illustrator tools/techniques listed below. Name the Illustrator techniques applied to your poster, and where they can be seen in your design.
A. Live Trace/Live Paint. (3-36 through 3-51)
B. Transform Tools: Rotate, Reflect, Shear. (4-4 through 4-11)
C. Offset/Compound Paths. (4-12 through 4-19)
D. Pathfinder. (4-20 through 4-29)
E. Clipping Mask. (4-30 through 4-35)
F. Custom Pattern. (6-8 through 6-19)
G. Brush Tool: Calligraphic or Art. (6-20 through 6-33)
H. Distortion Tools: Filters (7-4 through 7-9), Gradient Mesh (7-10 through 7-15), Envelopes (7-16 through 7-21), Blends (7-22 through 7-29).

6. What do you like best about your poster?

7. What would you do differently next time?

B. Submit poster for printing
1. Select all type in your project. Go to Type > Create Outlines. This will ensure all type in your project displays and prints properly, and eliminate any error warnings that come up when you save.

2. Go to File > Save As. Lastname_IllustratorPoster should be your file naming convention. Choose ADOBE PDF from your file type options in the drop down menu.

3. Submit your file to Studrop > STEP > Art Technology > Art Tech 1 > T3 Illustrator Poster PDFs