Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Dingbat Self Portrait Rubric

1. Portrait is composed of 4 distinct values:
*Darkest shadow, dark mid-tone, light mid-tone, and white space. Values are appropriately balanced in relationship to one another.

2. Portrait is broken into clean, smooth paths.
*Student took great care in creating the paths. Lines are curved and straight where appropriate. Paths do not look 'choppy'.

3. Paths are used to create clipping masks.
*Clipping masks serve as a boundary for the dingbat shapes, keeps them contained, establishes the form for that part of the portrait.

4. Dingbats have been scaled, rotated, etc. Effort was taken to make them fit together like the pieces of a puzzle. There is a distinct visual texture as a result.

5. A variety of dingbats have been used.
*At least three fonts are incorporated into your design.

6. Thorough write up--details to come.
Expect to discuss work process, covering the criteria points.