Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Animal Symbol Development Process

The Animal Symbol Project is our first in-class exercise in working to suit client desires.

After each key step in the process, we will simulate the client experience by altering our assignment around peer feedback. Here are the key steps:

  • 20 Thumbnails: Preliminary Composition Ideas. No serious development other than what is in the composition and what shape it is. Outlines!
  • 10 Roughs: After meeting w/your 'client', you will condense your 20 Thumbnails into 10 Roughs. The roughs are further refined, but not all the way. Presenting some "Rough Drafts", showing +/- space in your forms, line weight, etc, still using manual art materials.
  • 5 Comps: You will then turn your 10 Roughs into 5 Comps--These further refine your roughs into 5 solid, for real ideas, laid out in the computer. After presenting these to your client, you will tweak and adjust your comps into:
  • One Amazing, Glorious Final Design. Printed in Black/White and Color!
This is where deadlines kick on! If you are not ready for client meetings, be ready for point reductions.